as part of the informal ‘sesiones arquetípicas’ workshop taking place in chile, the architectural group estudio invasivo has completed a sculptural installation titled ‘la piel’. 

sideview of ‘la piel’ in the forest



sesiones arquetípicas (archetypical sessions) is a project developed by estudio invasivo between 2016 and 2017 in chile. it proposes urban fleeting explorations around architectural elements located in the territory, where the interaction between observer and observed object appears as an opportunity to think about the archetype. therefore the participants, in this case students, are invited to answer a general question which is formed as a guideline on how to approach, through photographs, the visited place.

la piel (the skin) is a way of visualizing the wind



the archetypes studied in this workshop were el muro (the wall), el vano (the hollow), el cielo (the ceiling), el suelo (the floor) and la piel (the skin). the first four consisted of visits to architectural vestiges of the octava región del bío-bío (Chile), concluding with an intervention in the landscape with the fifth session ‘ la piel’. 

detail of the installation



to elaborate, ‘la piel’ is used as an opportunity to understand the multiple possibilities of a continuous body that adapts to the natural conditions of a place. ‘using only fabric, rope, stones and the force and direction of the wind, we construct something that is, we believe, an approximation to understand the archetype of the skin in architecture,’ explains the studio. 

effect of the wind on the shape and patterns

view from the inside


estudio invasivo’s project team



EI – sesion arquetipica #05 – LA PIEL 



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